Extraxx Expo & Conference – for the extraction and processing segment

Jay Lauren

Extraxx Expo & Conference is dedicated to the manufacturing and processing segment of the marijuana industry – the fastest-growing and most innovative segment, covering vaping, oils, edibles, concentrates, and topical products. Extraction is the FUTURE of marijuana! Join Extraxx at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, August 17-18, in Los Angeles!

Extraxx Expo’s conference line-up is laser-focused on the products, production, and processes of extraction. Trying to get started, or looking to scale? We’ve got you covered! There is NO OTHER EXPO LIKE THIS, ANYWHERE!


Extraction covers everything! Sessions include the following, and MORE!

Dooma Wendschuh, Province, “Cannabis sets target on the $1.2 Trillion alcohol industry. A look at product formulation: recipes, focus group testing, and brand marketing.”

Session description: marijuana offers an alternative in the recreational market, and Province is helping bring about a new paradigm where top quality cannabinoid-derived products serve as a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and prescribed and illegal psychoactives. Why focus on a $53 billion market (marijuana) when there’s an opportunity to compete with a $1.3 trillion dollar industry (alcohol)?

Dooma will outline the steps it takes to bring that product to market. He’s been the Founder successful (multi-million dollar) companies before, both within the marijuana industry and outside of it, and will share what it takes to create, formulate, market test, and launch a “category” killer. Beer market, beware!

Nancy Whiteman, Wana Brands, “Taking Your Cannabusiness to the Next Level: Protecting Your Brand and Maintaining Quality and Consistency Through Multi-State Expansion.”

Session description: Building a successful brand in one state is an incredible accomplishment. Building an Empire across many states is awe-inspiring. Wana Brands is one of the handful of companies to have achieved this: Wana Brands is in 450 out of 500 stores in CO, 160 stores in OR, in NV, and expanding into 4 new states. They’re the #1 brand of edibles in CO by sales volume.

Nancy will outline all the do’s (and don’ts) of multi-state expansion.

Michael Jones, Cannabis Consultants, LLC, “Everything you need to know about…getting extraction started right”

Session description: don’t run off to buy a single piece of equipment (just yet). Michael will walk through the tips and traps of a product launch, from the simple starting point: What do you want to produce, and what’s your market? It’s all about getting started right.

Craig Henderson, Extract Labs, “The Process of Processing: an outline of extraction, from flower to (pure) isolate”

Session description: it’s all here, every step, every type of extraction processing, every machine needed. Craig was a Senior Engineer of national and international technical sales, training, and service for Apeks Supercritical before founding Extract Labs (based in Boulder, CO). He’s performed cannabis-related R&D, and has taught classes specifically on pre- and post-extraction processing. ‘Nuff said.

Dr. Jake F. Felice, Naturopathic Pain Clinic, “OPPORTUNITY is at the door: a look at topical cannabis, from bio-availability, to medical & cosmetic applications, to product formulation”

Session description: Who’s addressing the needs of the senior market? Topicals are the likely way an entire generation of new consumers are going to come into contact with marijuana for the first time. It all starts with an understanding of how they work.

Dr. Jake will walk through product formulation, discuss market gaps and opportunities in the topical, cosmetic, and sports/active lifestyle markets.

Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef: “From Private Edible Events into Food Manufacturing, and the journey to producing at scale: opportunities, challenges, and a Professional Chef’s adventure”

Session description: Chris started in the industry as a private chef hosting low-dose edible events. He’s now an edibles producer, with 2 products launched. He’s achieved celebrity status as well – making national TV and news around the country, and has 2 TV shows in production! This session is about brand growth and the lessons learned, with Chris’s shift into manufacturing and production.



Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, LIV-Consulting, “Maximizing ROI on expensive machinery & assets: a CPA’s advice on recovering capital expenditures, operational efficiency, and inventory management”

Session description: You’re an extraction producer who’s likely bought (or about to buy) some expensive machinery. Simone can’t help you with funding, but can guide you on how to manage these assets. Every successful business needs to operate with an eye toward maximizing the ROI on capital assets, depreciation, and becoming more efficient operationally. Our CPA will walk you through what you need to know.

Blake Ebersole, NP Scientific, “License to Steal (or Borrow): Applying Models from Pharmaceutical and Food Science to Cannabis”

Session description: What makes marijuana different from other pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products? The answer is, nothing: Extraction produces an essential oil that start with plant matter. Blake will take us through what this industry can learn from outside.

Andrew Samann, Orion GMP, “Quality By Design: Standards and Good-Manufacturing Practices (GMP)”

Session description: Industrial production is not only coming to the industry, it’s already here, from CA to Canada. Production at scale not only needs safety and quality assurance in the end-product and results: it requires setup, with quality built-in through every step of manufacturing and processing. Don’t try to fix what’s broken after a product recall. Get it done right to begin with.

Evelio Mattos, Design Packaging Inc., “Small products, expensive price: conveying brand value through packaging and design.”

Session description: That concentrate on a store shelf is the most expensive product in a store, but packaging is not conveying value (or brand loyalty!). Concentrate producers: your eyes will pop, and it won’t be the costs that surprise you. You’ll gain insight from a Global packaging industry leader, Design Packaging Inc., who’ve done packaging for Coach, Sephora, Neutrogena, American Eagle, and 100’s of other household name brands, with right-scaled solutions for this industry.

Is that all? Nope, there’s more:

  • Budgeting for Extraction: a realistic look at setup costs
  • Automation in Oil Production
  • A page from Compound Pharmacies: custom medication, terpene profiling
  • Panel on the market trends, and the Future of edibles and topicals

Join us at Extraxx Conference & Expo, August 17-18, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Register here: Extraxx Conference Registration