Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Marijuana?

No. Marijuana Media is a marketing company. We do not own, distribute, or sell Marijuana. We offer advertising and marketing channels to businesses.

Where can I buy Marijuana?

If you are interested in finding out if the purchase of Marijuana is legal in your state or learning more about it, please reach out to Norml to investigate this further

Can I buy or rent your list for direct mail promotions?

You can do a LIST RENTAL through us, but we do not SELL our lists. We use a third-party Mailing House that will manage the transaction. You can select the audience you want to send your promotion to, put a limit on the quantity, and we will send the list over to the Mailing House. You will coordinate your materials/promotions to go through them. Contact us

Can I buy or rent your email list?

You can do a sponsored EMAIL BLAST through us, but we do not SELL our email list. If you would like to do a simple one-off blast, or do a series of email messages or lead nurturing campaign, we can assist you. Contact us

Can you help me increase inbound leads and sales?

Yes. Marijuana Media helps drive traffic to you, your products, and your sites through direct and content marketing designed specifically for each market vertical. We offer the following advertising opportunities:

  • Email newsletters – daily/weekly/monthly and ad hoc alerts, offering specially-tailored content. Each newsletter carries dedicated space for advertising your company.
  • Product Guides distributed at Trade Shows, Events, and in partnership with Cannabis Institutes around the country. Our Product Guides get sent to over 10,000 business owners.
  • Direct email blasts to our audience – we have the most complete database of email addresses to the owners of businesses in the Marijuana Market.
  • Webinars: We can host, promote, and produce a webinar featuring your product or service. These can drive leads directly to you.
  • White Papers: We can host and promote a white paper that outlines your product. We can even help with getting this white paper written. People who download this white paper will become direct leads for you.
  • Digital Catalogues: We can create, promote, and host a custom digital catalogue specifically designed for you, and provide you with both printed collateral and digital support.
  • Web video: We can create and promote video and web video for you.

How is advertising with Marijuana Media better than exhibiting or sponsoring at events?

We recognize that your marketing budget is fixed, and this means making the best decisions to drive leads, traffic, and sales. Many of the face-to-face events allow you to see foot traffic and perhaps gain a few leads. But they do not necessarily drive traffic to your site. And, more importantly, they do not always reach people at the right stage in the buying process: at shows, attendees may simply be learning or considering starting a business, while their actual purchasing decision will come at a later point. Your company needs to be in front of buyers at THAT POINT, which is how Marijuana Media can help.

Marijuana Media, through its direct and Content Marketing channels, puts your company and its products in front of prospective buyers at the right time, in the right place, across the right channel, with the right message. We will then deliver actual leads to you.

I don’t have marketing materials. Can you help?

Yes, we can. Please contact us and we can help your company get on its way to bringing inbound leads through our outbound programs. Contact us

Do you sell banners or sponsorships on your website?

No, we don’t. Why not? Just ask yourself: when was the last time you, personally, clicked a random banner ad on a website? And again: how much “click-through” traffic did your company get from those sponsored positions you bought last year? (Answer, guess: none.)

Marijuana Media does not offer banner advertising on our website. We are an OUTBOUND marketing company. We get your message to your buyers, and don’t wait for them to show up at our website. Our website real estate is not for rent because it does not make sense for you to waste advertising dollars on our website.

Working with us on outbound channels, Marijuana Media will offer measurable results and drive traffic and to YOUR website.

Can you help develop our site?

Yes, we can. Marijuana Media offers web development in conjunction with our other services, so we can drive traffic to optimized and responsive mobile sites through micro-sites and hosted pages that can then redirect to you. We can host and maintain registration pages to promote your white papers or custom content. These will carry your brand, not ours. Contact us

Can my Institute or Association partner with you?

Marijuana Media partners with many Marijuana Business Training Institutes, Universities, and Associations across the country. Please contact us and we can work out a partnership agreement to re-market to past event attendees, association members, or student bodies and new registrations. Contact us

Can you help promote my events?

Yes, we can. Marijuana Media can promote your events through newsletter emails, email blasts, direct mail, telemarketing, or alerts. We work for you and your brand on these outbound channels, and will act as an extension of your staff and office. We will work with you on the best way to connect to the right audience in our extensive database of Marijuana businesses. Contact us

Can you publish my magazine?

Marijuana Media offers turnkey, full-service solutions that will provide your company or association with full-service custom publishing solutions, from design, layout, printing and print and online advertising sales to print management, distribution services, accounting and collections.

  • Editorial Services
    Graphic Design & Art Direction
    Print Production
    Print & Online Advertising Sales Management
    Trade Show Sales Representation
    Fulfillment Services
    Website Development
    Web Design
    Web Project & Content Management
    E-commerce Solutions
    Web Hosting
    Cross-promotion of Print & Online Media
    Corporate Strategy
    Communications Consulting
    Marketing Collateral

Can I work for you?

Do you have the knowledge to sell cutting-edge marketing programs to help build a Digital and New Media company? If so, contact us and tell us why, in 200 words or less, we should consider you. Please use 200 perfectly chosen words, and not one more.

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