Advertising with Marijuana Media does not mean throwing money at our website: we make your advertising dollars work for you. We deliver results, period.

Marijuana Media is an outbound database marketing company. We drive traffic to you, your products, and your sites through direct and Content Marketing channels designed specifically for each market vertical. Want to reach store owners? We have the most complete and accurate database of owners in the USA. Looking to reach Edibles and Infused Product makers? We have extensive relationships there too.

We offer you the following advertising opportunities:

  • Email newsletters – daily/weekly/monthly and ad hoc alerts, offering specially-tailored content. Each newsletter carries dedicated space for advertising your company.
  • Product Guides distributed at Trade Shows, Events, and in partnership with Cannabis Institutes around the country. Our Product Guides get sent to over 10,000 business owners.
  • Direct email blasts to our audience – we have the most complete database of email addresses to the owners of businesses in the Marijuana Market.
  • Webinars: We can host, promote, and produce a webinar featuring your product or service. These can drive leads directly to you.
  • White Papers: We can host and promote a white paper that outlines your product. We can even help with getting this white paper written. People who download this white paper will become direct leads for you.
  • Digital Catalogues: We can create, promote, and host a custom digital catalogue specifically designed for you, and provide you with both printed collateral and digital support.
  • Web video: We can create and promote video and web video for you.

Please contact us today to get started, and we will tailor a program to meet your budget needs. To advertise, contact: [email protected]