Compliant Packaging: get ready, CA!

Jay Lauren

Compliant PackagingCA’s products need compliant packaging, which we covered at our event on 3/1 in downtown Los Angeles. In preparation for the event, we visited market-leading retailers in Los Angeles, and discovered many products missing state-required labels, disclosures, and without compliant packaging. More than 80% of the products were non-compliant.

Many packages still say “made in compliance with Prop 215 and SB420”. The law changed. It’s now MAUCRSA (Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act), that took effect on Jan 1.

Many products are lacking tamper-evident seals.

Very few list manufactured date.

Compliant Packaging will impact what’s on sale

Many products will disappear, and it’s already taking place – stores that had shelving nicely displayed by brand and product category, there were discontinued products piled onto overstock shelves. And there are quiet giveaways happening – even though stores are not supposed to give out free samples, stores are putting extra gifts into exit bags.

Most striking in non-compliance was flower. The new laws require all flower at retail to be sold in finished packaging, and most stores are still selling from giant jars, weighing, and packaging onsite.

Compliant packaging is going to impact flower sales. The only packaged flower today is 1/8th size, not single grams. Packaging costs money and takes time, so it might not be worthwhile for producers to go through the effort for a $15-$20 gram. It’s possible that single-gram sales will end, with single-gram-customers forced to buy pre-rolls.

PREDICTION: There will be FIRE SALES before July 1st. It happened in other states when new labeling or rules put a deadline on existing products. (So if you’re looking to save some money…this state’s is a few month’s away from getting HOT with sales to move existing inventory.)

Click here to access all the presentations from the 3/1 event. In addition to a walk-through of non-compliant products on store shelves, speakers also covered what the industry needs to know about Compliant Packaging, and “How to save money on labeling”.

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