Marijuana Facility, Fire Inspection and Safety Forum

Jay Lauren

Fire Inspection Forum Details:

For all cities and Fire Departments across CA: The Facility, Safety, and Fire Inspection Forum dedicated to the manufacturing and processing segment of the marijuana industry, will be held on January 25th in downtown Los Angeles. This 5-hour Forum will provide a allow for Fire Chiefs and Fire Inspectors to discuss the facility, safety, and compliance needs of the marijuana industry – from grow, to extraction and processing facilities, to retail.

Inspector Brian Lukus, from the Denver Fire Department, will be leading this training forum designed for code code enforcement and Inspection regulators. Inspector Lukus, who has conducted fire inspections and enforced fire regulations in the Denver marijuana industry since Colorado’s decriminalization in 2010, will be sharing Denver’s insight, and the lessons the Department has learned over the past 7 years. The Denver Fire Department now conducts over 600 annual facility inspections per year, and has created their own city rules and guidelines specifically designed for the marijuana industry.

Inspector Lukus’s presentation will provide an overview of the commercial marijuana industry by discussing the hazards and fire regulations surrounding growing and processing marijuana. Topics discussed will include CO2 enrichment systems, construction, occupancy, fumigation, fire suppression, and each different extraction process will be discussed, including liquefied petroleum gas extractions, Super/Subcritical CO2 extractions, and flammable liquid extractions as well as ‘post oil processing’ which is the dewaxing or winterizing (purifying) oil concentrate after extraction, commonly using flammable liquids.

Marijuana Media is looking forward to welcoming Fire Department participation in this learning session, designed to move CA’s industry forward. The following cities and Fire Departments have already confirmed they’ll be sending representatives/teams to attend: Riverside, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, City of Orange, City of Hanford, California City, City of Blythe, Redwood City, City of Williams, Shasta Lake, Dixon, as well as other City groups and local associations, with more departments to follow.

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