Retailer Insight – understanding new customers

Jay Lauren

Join our event on 1/24 in Los Angeles

Since legalized adult-use (over 21) was introduced in January of this year, Retailers across CA are now meeting 100s of new customers each month, who are encountering marijuana products and retail for the first time. Women in their 40s, Seniors, and young Professionals are among the fastest-growing new buyer segments. Understanding the needs of this new buyer is the key to the long-term success: for many Retailers, adult-use/non-medical buyers now represent over 70% of their business!

Our panel of experts will be speaking about the New Customer, based on research and data trends: providing an understanding of what they want, what their needs are, and how to keep customers loyal and coming back!

Date: Thursday, January 24
Time: 6pm to 10pm
Location: Los Angeles Athletic Club
Address: 431 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

If you’re a retailer/dispensary owner, budtender, brand or product-maker, distributor, microbusiness, or vertically-integrated business, your tickets to this event are FREE! ($50 per ticket value!). This event is for YOU!



Kristina Phillips, Strategist, Frog Design, “Normalizing retail for mass adoption: understanding the first-time Buyer.”

Frog Design has done market research on 1st time marijuana buyers, focusing on what they’re looking for when approaching marijuana products and entering a store for the first time. They’ll be providing a look from outside our industry, on new buyer needs, expected trends, and what Marijuana Retailers need to know about capturing the New Buyer – and how this impacts everything, from store design, to staff training, to customer service.

Roger Obando, Co-Founder, Baker Technologies, “Loyalty and the Bottom Line: the Lifetime Value of a New Customer, Loyalty Programs, and Offers that Deliver Results”

Baker Technologies is the #1 Customer Relation Management (CRM) software in the industry that integrates data from your POS system, and helps Marijuana Retailers create loyalty and marketing programs that keep customers coming back. They’ll be discussing “best practices” on deepening the relationship with your best customer (your current customer), and sharing data on the value that loyalty has in business. Customer retention can be the difference between success and failure for retailers and brands…and loyalty is the key to keeping the New Buyer coming back.