Dispensaries in Las Vegas: Refreshing Retail Experience

Jay Lauren

Nevada did a wonderful thing when they allowed out-of-state patients access to the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries: anyone with a Doctor’s recommendation, along with a valid state-issued ID/driver’s license from the same state, is allowed to purchase up to 2.5 ounces during any 14-day period. It’s like a club for medical marijuana patients – if you’re allowed access at home, Nevada dispensaries welcome your business!

The Las Vegas area currently has 4 dispensaries – 2 in the city limits, and 2 others in Clarke county. We recently visited Euphoria Wellness and Las Vegas Releaf to get a taste of the Vegas scene.
Euphoria Wellness is located roughly 15 minutes southwest of McCarran Airport, and was the first dispensary to open in Clark County (on August 24th). It took their staff just over 5 minutes to process our out-of-state (CA) paperwork and register for the first time. The staff was smartly-dressed in Euphoria branded t-shirts, and they were friendly and knowledgeable.
Las Vegas Releaf was the first to store to open in the City of Las Vegas (opened on October 6th). It is located just off the strip, north of the Hilton/Convention Center. It’s a swanky, sleek-looking store with beautifully laid out displays. The waiting room was decked out in vibrant colors and had comfortable sofas/seating area. The staff was welcoming and professional.
The selection at these stores was limited to about 4-5 strains of flower, 1-2 topicals, but a complete lack of edibles at this point. Both stores are in the process of licensing their own grow operations, with the intention of offering a greater variety of strains and product lines.
Both store owners noted about 50% of their customers/patients came from outside Nevada. Overall, we were genuinely impressed with the retail environment, which makes Vegas a place to watch as more products are launched, more strains released, and the volume of traffic increases. They are open for business and welcome any attendees at the upcoming Marijuana Conference!
Locations (medical cards and ID required):
Euphoria Wellness7780 South Jones Blvd, Unit 5, Las Vegas, NV  89139
Las Vegas Releaf2244 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89104